High advertising density consumer goods (advertising is worth more than 2% of the value of the goods’ sales volume)

Leader/Evergreen: Consolidated brand that strengthens/adjusts its communication platform in order to confirm the leadership.

Leader/Flexible: Brand that maintains its leadership, launches some new variety and especially updates its communication platform.

Leader/Outsider: Brand under pressure that “turns up” its communication platform in order to maintain its leadership.

Follower/Resourceful: Brand that stands out in the crowd and tries to catch up on the leader, also through a high-impact communication.

Follower/Running on: Brand which is focused on maintaining its position, and that tomorrow will be another day…

Follower/Surprise: Brand that emerges from the pack with an unexpected and original communication platform

Other consumer goods (all kinds of goods)

Number one/Quiet power: Brand that confirms its leadership also by adapting its communication platform.

Follower/Challenger: Brand that gets ready to take the leadership by expanding/adapting aggressively its communication platform.

Follower/Shy: Brand that uses its communication platform in order to keep up with others.

Household Services.

One step ahead/Surprise: Leading brand that stands out of the pack, maintains its state of the art offer and consequently revising its communication platform.

Pressing/Resourceful: Brand that tries to keep the pace and to emerge thanks to a kicking communication.

B to B products and services

Sales support/B to B: Brand that adopts BTC communication practices to stand out.

All consumer goods and services

Forerunner: New brand in new market.

The institutional umbrella: Brand that “design” its distinguished identity/personality via the communication.

“Competitive Advertising”: Brand that confirms its identity and elaborates a platform of “stronger” advance on its competitors.

Welfare/Charities: Social communication campaigns that “help” improving the environment. Campaign about sustainability, clean energy, and charities. Political campaigns.

More for less: Surprise Low Budget: Brand that gets established with small money but tons of originality.

The first time: A first-ever campaign or a first campaign with a conspicuous spending.

Young adult: Brands for both kids and teens.

Bon chic, bon genre/niche: The communication for luxury brands or brands targeted on restricted audiences.